I was born in Kharkiv, Ukraine. After high school, I graduated from the College of Art and finished Kharkiv Politechnical Institute and got a Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering. Following that, I worked in the engineering field for a few years. After my children were born, I took courses in Lacquering Miniaturized paintings (certificate) from Kharkiv Regional Centre of Folkloric Traditional Arts.

Olga VelitchenkoSoon after, I began painting and working from home. I painted portraits on canvas and icons on wood, lacquered miniatures on boxes, chests, eggs, plates and panels. I have extensive experience in these fields. My commissions in Ukraine included murals on two walls in a restaurant of a new opera house in Kharkiv. My miniature painted boxes were the official gift to honored guests of the city. The Church of the Ascension in Kharkiv carried my icons in their gift shop. From Kharkiv I often traveled to Moscow, where I exhibited and had a large clientele for my work. My artistic background also includes experience as an enamel painter, and restorer in the Department of Folk Art, Industrial Enterprise.

In April 1996, I immigrated to Winnipeg, Canada. Soon after my arrival, I worked for four months on the restorations of an antique cabinet with Japanese miniature painting on the doors. Also I completed a series of commissioned portraits of children, and created mother-of-pearl brooches with landscapes and birds. In 1998, I participated in the exhibit "Ukrainian Christmas at the Bay" in The Bay downtown, Winnipeg . In the same year I had a personal exhibit in Ukrainian Cultural and Educational Center "Oseredok", in Winnipeg . In 1999, I had an exhibit in Cleveland, Ohio.

Most of my artwork is based on Ukrainian folk motifs, such as scenes from traditional Ukrainian Christmas and Easter, the feast of Ivan Kupalo, a wedding or a harvest, folk and love songs. I had newspaper reviews of Original Art Production in Ukrainian Weekly, United States, and Uptown Magazine, Winnipeg (available on request).

In May 2000, I moved to Ottawa. In the fall I participated in an icon exhibition in a Ukrainian Church. I have become a Member of the Canadian Society of Miniature Painters, Sculptors and Gravers. A number of my artworks were in an exhibition in the Museum of Civilization (associated with the Canadian Society of Miniature Painters, Sculptors and Gravers). In 2003, I participated in Winnipeg Signature Art and Craft show at the Winnipeg Convention Center.

In May 2004, I have moved back to Winnipeg, where I participated in both Ukrainian and Russian pavilions of Multicultural Festival "Folklorama". In November 2004, I participated in Winnipeg Signature Art and Craft show at the Winnipeg Convention Center. In January 2005, I had personal exhibition at Winnipeg Forks during the celebration of the Ukrainian holiday "Malanka".

In April 2005, I have become a member of Assiniboia Group of Artists.

In October 2007, I illustrated a children's book by Alex C.Godwin "Beautiful Queen".



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