Olga Velitchenko of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Icons, Portraits, Paintings, Miniatures on Wood and Canvas.

Hand-painted canonical Orthodox Icons created in accordance with old traditions, made of dark stained heavy solid wood, egg tempera and gold leaf. These are very high quality prayer icons, unique and original pieces of spiritual artwork and book illustrations.

Hand-painted Custom Order Portraits in oil, acrylic, watercolor, made from photos on either canvas, wood of different shape, or on jewelry boxes.

Specialized in Ukrainian themes and traditions, rituals and folk song. Also painting in oil, acrilic, watercolor on any subject.

Laquered Miniatures on wooden eggs, jewelry boxes, chests, plates, plaques and other interesting shapes - all with the painting encircling the pieces, telling a story. There are also minute icons on wood meant to be worn around the neck, on a velvet or a silk cord. These are especially intriguing.

All artwork is for sale. Custom orders are welcome.


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